Gavaris Autumnleaf

Wood elf Paladin, sworn to Mielikki


Gavaris is a wood elf from High Forest. He stands about 5’ 6" and is a lean, athletic 124 lbs. His acorn-brown hair is long and thick, reaching past his shoulders, with a few thin, tightly woven braids tied by black leather strings; also, he tends to have twigs and small leaves in his hair. He has light copper-coloured skin and green eyes.

Inked into the chest of Gavaris’ studded leather armour is a silhouette of a unicorn’s head, facing to the right, the symbol of Mielikki. His armour is a dark wood brown. He wears an oak-leaf green longshirt and pants, as well as a dark brown cloak.

Gavaris wields two shortswords and carries a shortbow.

You notice that he frequently prays to and observes several small rituals for Mielikki.

His general demeanour is quiet and observant, if a bit serious. However, he is friendly and curious, and you see that he is fiercely committed to his promises and oaths.


Gavaris hasn’t yet revealed a great deal of his life before coming to Neverwinter and hiring on with Gundren Rockseeker.

However, he has made clear his personal vendetta against all orcs and, basically, goblinkind. He’s hinted occasionally at a savage, devastating raid upon his community in High Forest, which targeted particularly the druids, clerics, acolytes, and holy places.

After this raid, he was visited by Mielikki in her unicorn form, and she bade him to be her “champion” and to mete her vengeance upon the orcs of High Forest — and all of Faerun.

Sometimes he curses a “Zarakh Bloodrinker,” who, he says, is the orc chieftain who led the raid upon his community.

He was in Neverwinter seeking “an unfortunately elusive halfling sage” who is apparently an expert on orc history and so could provide possibly valuable information on Zarakh Bloodrinker.

Gavaris Autumnleaf

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