Xaven Silvertongue

A Wild Magic Sorcerer


Xaven is a Calishite, as characterized by his olive skin tone and long, wavy black hair. He stands 5’10" tall and weighs 183 pounds. He has an easy and inquisitive manner about him. He is usually garbed in light, flowing crimson robes and carries a staff and a backpack.


The first look people had of Xaven was in the warehouse as he was interviewed for the caravan guard position. He approached in light, flowing crimson robes with his long black hair loose around his shoulders. He was clearly from Calimshan given his olive skin tone and mannerisms. He carried little, only a few items on his belt and a backpack over one shoulder and a staff in hand. His smile was warm and genuine to all those he spoke to and he had an easy, curious manner about him that put people at ease with him.

He seemed to downplay his abilities somewhat but his display of the Chromatic Orb was a definite indication that there was power within him.

Xaven was particularly curious about the Warlock that was accepted before him, having never come across a being such as him. He immediately began to ask him about his abilities.

After the victory in taking Darkwinter Castle, the party celebrated and Xaven shared his history with the rest of the Darkwinter Company. He and Gotha had already shared their pasts and when Gotha shared his, Xaven was moved to do the same.

Xaven was born in a small town to unremarkable merchant parents. Even as a child he showed a wild spirit that could not be tamed no matter what the punishment. His constant ‘living in the moment’ caused much grief for his parents as well as a source of wonder for them as he looked at everything with a special perspective.

At a very young age, Xaven showed a gift for magic and was sent off to be tested and train at the academy at 14 years of age. Though a poor student, he still excelled in the practicum and was a source of frustration for his instructors who could not understand what drove the child. Xaven was a very charming youth and drew others to him, earning him the moniker Silvertongue, but often he led them into trouble as he continued to flout the rules and strictures of the instructors.

Two years into his instruction, Xaven and his two best friends had taken off from an expedition into the countryside when they came across a cave in the foothills. While investigating, they came across a Cavern Choker that ambushed them. The beast was barely defeated by the trio but not before it cracked the ribs of one and pierced the femoral artery of the other friend. Xaven himself was relatively unhurt due to a force shield he was able to erect in time. A quick examination of the cave for anything to aid his friends turned up little more than an old backpack with some trail rations which he took since they had no provisions. The only other thing he found was an ancient arrow of Elven design which he stashed away for later study.

It was two days of slow and labored travel in the sparse and desert landscape for Xaven and his injured friends before they both succumbed to their injuries in the night. It took him most of the day to provide a proper burial for them. Xaven’s grief overwhelmed him and he walked aimlessly for a time, knowing that he could not return to the sanctuary of the school. His easygoing and carefree attitude found its first true challenge in facing mortality for the first time, in the death of his two friends. Coming upon an unusual rock formation, he was stunned by the beauty of the place. It wasn’t just the physical aspects of it but more the intricate play of energy currents that flowed about the soaring pinnacles of rock. He started to comprehend the chaotic and unpredictable nature of everything around him and he came to focus on the energies around him.

Xaven had always been aware in some way of the currents and eddies of the chaotic magic he drew upon but he could never explain this to others. He lost himself for a time in watching the flow of magic and seeing how the currents flowed together with each other and the landscape. He found that he was almost remembering things long forgotten, rather than learning for the first time as he came to recognize the colours and aspects of the individual currents of energy. He grew to suspect that he had in fact perceived this as a child but it was so natural to him that he soon ignored it since nobody seemed to understand what he was talking about anyway.

Xaven spent the next two years following the currents and wandering the land. He would stop for a time in villages and cities to experience the eddies and flow of magic but would never linger too long as the wanderlust drew him onward. He also found amazing natural phenomenon, rivers and cliffs, forests and deserts that overwhelmed the senses with the beauty of the energies that flowed about them.

Xaven Silvertongue

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