Game 5

Against the Skeleton Army

The Dark Winter Company are on the stairs above the busily excavating skeletons. There is a ladder from the stairs down to the ground where the skeletons obliviously toil to free Rokthwar, one specifically working on the crown. No sign of a sceptre.

Sam bestows Bless upon Gorm, Gavaris and Niki with a sprinkling of holy water.

Gavaris (23), bypassing the ladder jumps and lands lightly among the skeletons. He sends ‘Talon’ crashing down on a bony shoulder, shearing off the arm. He then feels Fharlaghn’s Blessing as he swings his other short sword and severs the spinal column (13pts). R4 crumples.

Niki (21) gets a bead on the skeleton working on the crown (R2). Her arrow whistles through the stale air of the mantle of the earth and the skeleton’s brittle skull explodes (26pts, assassinate)! “Surprise!”

Scarp (20) flies down to flank one of the many skeletons around Gavaris (Y3).

Gorm (18) jumps down and although he doesn’t land as lightly as Gavaris he does manage to send his sword cracking through the ribs of Y3 (11pts).

Xaven (11) sends an Eldritch Blast slamming into the ground beside Y3… must have been the weird angle of being above them…

Gotha (7) whispers and four skeletons (Y1, 4, 5 and R1) begin to sparkle with a violet hue (Faerie Fire).

Gavaris (23) jabs ‘Talon’ at the skeleton Gorm already broke some pieces off of (Y3) and breaks the rest (12pts). It falls with a clatter. He takes a purposeful stride and brings his off-hand in to chip off some of the glowing R1 (3pts).

Red Skeletons (22) R1 raises a bony hand. Purple energy shoots from its finger bone at Y3 who begins to raise! Oh no!!!! R1 then disengages from Gavaris and tries to move away… however, Gavaris uses his Sentinel training and attacks the magic-wielding skeleton! He manages to crack many bones (12pts) but R1 is still up and finishes moving away.

R3 swings his pickaxe at Gavaris but the wood-elf ducks and easily avoids it.

R5 moves to surround Gavaris and misses wildly.

R6 manages to pierce Gavaris’ thigh with it’s pickaxe (5pts).

Yellow Skeletons (21) Y1, flanking Gavaris, also gets through his defences and draws more elf blood (6pts).

Y2 moves to flank Gorm but his pickaxe skitters off the dwarf’s armour.

Y3 is reassembling.

Y4 moves so Gavaris is surrounded but engages Gorm whose armour again turns the pickaxe.

Y5 swings at Gavaris and misses.

Gorm (19) brings a brutal swing with his sword down upon Y3, splintering the reassembling bones to bits (14pts). “I said sit!”

Gotha (16) from his perch on the stairs crackles a Repelling Eldritch Blast down at R1. The energy attack from above blasts the skeleton prone, it’s bones crack and a few fall off but it is still assembled (10pts).

Sam (14) also staying on the stairs evokes a Sacred Flame that descends on R1, blackening some bones (2pts).

Niki (11) feels Fharlaghn’s Blessing as she sends an arrow to pierce R1 who is still going (5pts). Wanting to get where the action is, Niki drops her bow and draws her blades as she drops to the ground to flank with Gorm.

Xaven (9), staying on the stairs, pulls a lightning-blackened twig from his belt pouch, waves it in a specific pattern while saying some magic words… two crackling beams of blue energy arc out from the twig. One strikes into R1 and disappears when the bones fall apart (3pts). Yay! No more raising! The other slams into the glowing Y1 (4pts) and Xaven concentrates to keep the energy beam going and attached to Y1.

Scarp (8) moves to flank with Gavaris.

Niki (25), flanking with Gorm gets a Sneak Attack, her scimitar slashing and short sword jabbing at Y2. She leaves it in pieces on the floor (23pts advantage, sneak attack) and moves to flank with Gavaris.

Gavaris (23) changes Y5 into a pile of bones with his main hand (10pts) and manages to poke at Y4 (1pt, flanking with Scarp).

Gorm (21) moves in among the skeletons trying to draw their attacks. He also pulverizes Y4 (15pts)… more scraps for the bone heap.

Sam (13) brings another Sacred Flame down from upon high and the divine heat cracks some bones of R6 (4pts).

Scarp (16) moves to flank.

Gotha (8) thinks it worked so well the last time… another Repelling Eldritch Blasts comes hurtling down from the stairs into R6. The crackling energy damages (5pts) and knocks it prone.

Red Skeletons (7) R3 moves to flank and attack Gavaris who is dodging and weaving.

R5… a swing and a miss.

R6 is on Niki but her studded leather deflects the pointed axe. The attack provokes a reaction from Gavaris (Sentinel) who hits (7 pts, with Advantage) and now even more bones are littered over the devil’s skeleton stuck in the floor.

Xaven (5) concentrates on his Witchbolt, still attached to Y1. It crackles with white hot energy (6pts).

Y1 (4) flanking Gavaris (Advantage), gets through his armour (6pts).

Sam (22) burns the bones of Y1 with a Sacred Flame (6pts). Dead!

Yellow Skeletons (19) are all heaps of bones and dust.

Gorm (17) rattles the bones of R5 (6pts).

Xaven (16) nicks R5 with an Eldritch Blast (1pt).

Niki (14) moves, slashing and jabbing at R3 (16pts). Dead… again.

Red Skeletons (14) The last skeleton (R5) is on Gavaris and it’s pickaxe bites (3pts).

Gavaris (9) has had enough. Swing, swing! The last skeleton explodes into dust (8pts).

The heroes are sweaty and headachy. A mist covers the floor and there are periodtite gems everywhere. Gorm knows that these gems are incredibly hard and difficult to mine.

Sam heals Gavaris using her most powerful magic. Xaven sits to contemplate.

Rockthwar’s crown has three points and a sapphire. There is no sceptre in sight. Rockthwar’s hands lie in the rock partly uncovered… as if he lay in two inches of water.

Gavaris and Gorm want to start smashing the devil’s skeleton. Gotha, Sam and Xaven’s Arcane Knowledge gives no insight as to the wisdom of this course of action. They start smashing and the devils’s skeletal remains succumb to the enslaught, splintering and crunching into bits and dust.

Xaven goes to his happy place and examines the weave… it draws him to the crown. He grabs a pickaxe and starts to excavate it. The other heroes look uncomfortably around at each other… “Uh… Xaven? What are you doing?” “I’m getting the crown,” he replies quite rationally. “But maybe that’s not such a good idea as that was what the bad guys were trying to do and the crown does belong to a devil…” “Hmmm… Yes, you’re quite right,” he says as he continues his work without looking up.

Gorm grabs the pickaxe and says “No!” But Xaven shrugs him off. Gorm gets more forceful about it and manages to take the pickaxe away from Xaven and dwarf-handle the sorcerer away from the crown.

The heroes consider their options… try to destroy the sapphire? No… not sure what would happen.

Looking around they notice the buckets the skeletons were throwing the dirt and rock into. They are empty… More teleporters. Also, all the metal parts of all the tools the skeletons were using are made of mithril.

Gotha sends Scarp into a bucket who must be teleported more than 100 feet away as Gotha loses contact with him. Gotha counts to 30 then dismisses his familiar.

When resummoned, Scarp relays what he saw to his master… the same foundry he saw before… smoke rising from a furnace… a humanoid covered in welders gear working something there…

Sam heals Niki, who along with Gavaris notice that their headaches have been soothed by the divine healing. Gavaris Lays Hands upon the others (1pt) to relieve them also.

Around 8 pm, after an hour of rest, the heroes start the long climb upstairs. They take some buckets with them. Going down was bad, going up? A whole lot worse. They are heading up to the area with the hovering teleportation disc, just half an hour from reaching the top… it is about 9:30, when they hear the sounds of a flute, a drum and skeletal feet echoing down the stairs, heading straight for them!

There is nowhere to make an ambush, nowhere to go… the heroes stand exposed on the stairs ready to make a stand.

Gotha (23) delays.

Scarp (18) moves and gets ready to aid Gotha.

Gotha moves and sends a Repelling Eldritch Blast flying towards a skeleton who ducks. The blast explodes against the wall.

Xaven (17) points a finger while incanting and a frosty ray speeds at Y1. Frost coats its bones, shattering some and slowing the dead thing (3pts).

Niki’s (16) arrow chips away at Y2 (5pts) then she drops her bow and moves, drawing her blades.

Gorm (16) moves but his sword slides off the bones doing no damage.

Gavaris (14) makes two terrible attacks… with ‘Talon’ he just misses but his off-hand shortsword misses wildly and flies out of his hand… it skitters towards the shaft in the middle of the spiral staircase but Gorm manages to stop it with his foot before it goes over. It sits, useless, balancing on the stairs.

Sam (14) sears R6 with a Sacred Flame (2pts).

Red Skeletons (10) R1 points a finger at Gotha, sending a purple ray speeding towards him… he dodges and the ray misses.

R2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 all jump over the stairway shaft to land amongst the heroes!

Yellow Skeletons (9) Y1 takes a swing at Gavaris who dextrously avoids the attack.

Y2 attacks Gorm who takes only half the damage (platemail or class thing?). This attack also opens the skeleton to Gavaris’ Sentinel reaction attack that hits and takes the abomination down (12pts).

Y3 misses Gavaris.

Gavaris (20) stabs at Y1 (7pts) then takes a step and kicks his sword that is lying on the stairs up into the air… it twirls once or twice then is grabbed by his outstretched hand.

Yellow Skeletons (18) Gavaris is bobbing and weaving, avoiding the attacks off Y1 and Y3.

Y4 strikes a solid hit on Gorm but only manages to scratch the dwarf (nat 20 for 5pts) and also leaves itself open to Gavaris’ Sentinel reaction which breaks bones (9pts).

Y5 is not in position to hit anyone.

Gotha (15) moves, deftly slipping sideways in between R3 and R4, positioning himself, into just the right spot, and with Scarps’s aid…. Repelling Eldritch Blast at R4. R4 takes energy damage (7pts) and is blasted back into R2 (who takes 3pts) and both tumble like dominos over the edge of the shaft but manage to hold on to the edge.

Niki (13) makes a sneak attack to take down R5 with scimitar and short sword (14pts).

Xaven’s (11) Chromatic Orb goes wide.

Sam’s (9) Sacred Flame also misses.

Scarp (9) flies to flank with Gorm.

Red Skeletons (5) R1 points a finger at Y2 who is a heap of bones under Y4’s feet and a purple ray begins to reanimate it.

R2 climbs up from hanging in the shaft.

R3 swings its pickaxe at Gotha, drawing blood (6pts).

R4 also climbs up from the shaft.

R6’s pickaxe jabs into Niki (3pts).

Gorm (5) uses his training well… his sword sweeps left through Y4, leaving behind a pile of bones (14pts), and continues (Sweeping Attack) to crash into Y1 (2pts). He then brings the blade back to the right (Action Surge) to bite into Y1 again, this time taking it down (13pts) and his greatsword continues right (Sweeping Attack) to find Y3 (5pts)!!! all of this with a great war cry!!!!

Red Skeletons (21) R1 sends a burst of purple energy at R4, healing it.

R2 moves then jumps across the shaft.

R4 jumps across the shaft to engage Gavaris but misses. Gavaris, using Sentinel gets a reaction attack on R4 (12pts).

R6 has Niki’s number and it’s pickaxe jabs into her side (6pts).

Niki (19) takes down R2 with a swipe of her scimitar (17pts) and R6 gets a piece taken off it from her off-hand (3pts).

Gotha (17) can’t make his Repelling Eldritch Blast count against the magic-wielding R1.

Gorm (16) explodes Y6 into dust with a mighty swing of his sword (16pts).

Sam (15) misses with a Sacred Flame.

Gavaris (14) turns Y3 into rubble with two solid hits (10pts).

Scarp (9) moves to aid Xaven.

Xaven (8) (advantage) sends an Eldritch Blast crackling into R1 (9pts).

Yellow Skeletons (8) Y5 manages to nick Gorm (1pt).


Gotha (23) and Niki (21) delay.

Scarp (21) moves to give Gotha advantage who sends a Repelling Eldritch Blast slamming into R1who is thrown back 10’ (2pts).

Niki, with a deathly grace, moves to place R3 in between herself and Gotha (advantage). She reduces the undead thing to a dusty pile of splintered bones (sneak attack 15pts).

Sam (20) calls a Sacred Flame down upon R1. Bones crack and blacken (6pts).

Xaven (20) moves and aims an Eldritch Blast at R1… nothing weird happens and it crackles over its smoking bones (3pts).

Yellow Skeletons (17) Y5 again makes to get through Gorm’s armour (2pts).

Gavaris (10) swings with both swords at R4 and takes is down (11pts).

Red Skeletons (8) R1 heals R6, who then attacks Xaven but the sorcerer steps back to avoid the blow.

Gorm (3) determinedly strides to R1, not even noticing the attacks from Y3&5 as he moves by them. He then brings his blade down upon R1 ending its unnatural life-force (13pts).

The Company then has no problem clearing away the rest of the riff-raff.

By 10:30 pm they are on the level with the teleportation disc deciding to try to rest for 8 hours. Scarp is positioned about 80 feet from the stairs down, toward the tunnel that leads to Rockseeker’s body, the ‘stirge ladder’ and the way out. The rest of the party are another 60 feet down that tunnel.

During their rest they hear loud rushing sound… then a BOOM!

Around 4 am, during Gavaris and Niki’s watch they see flaring blue light and a gong sound from several hundred feet above them. Then they hear lots and lots of footsteps.

Xaven and Niki make some kind of wager about a Necromancer being the Big Bad here in Wave Echo Cave.

Scarp flies up to see what is going on up there. When he returns he tells Gotha “…towers with blue light… lots of skeletons, lots and lots walking bridges and ledges… blue flames coming from stacks…”

At 5 am a crew of 11 skeletons in mithril chainmail with mithril short swords and an undead Dwarf (not skeletal) in mithril platemail with two mithril long swords appear on the disc. The heroes let them go… they aren’t done their rest after all…

Shit! Should have cleared the dust and bones off the stairs! They’ll be back in an hour… half an hour too soon for our spellcasters.

To try to buy some time and make some difficult terrain they can hide behind the heroes use whatever rubble and boulders they can find and put them on the stairs.

When the undead crew can be heard returning Sam casts Bless on Gavaris, Gorm and Niki.

Unfortunately, Gavaris blows their surprise and as the undead party are making their way up toward them the platemailed Dwarf raises his hand and the crew stops.

Undead Crew delay (20).

Gorm (20) hurls two hand axes at his undead brethren. One thunks through it’s armour while the other is deflected by it (6pts).

Gavaris (15) sends an arrow whistling at the dwarf. It pierces the platemail at the shoulder joint (11pts). He then drops his bow and draws his blades.

Niki (12) delays for Gotha (12) who casts Faerie Fire. The Dwarf begins to glow with purple light, as do 5 skeletons (Y1, 2, 5, R2 & 3).

Niki then sends an arrow to slam into the undead Dwarf (advantage FF, sneak attack 14pts).

Xaven (9) misses with a Ray of Frost (advantage FF).

Undead Crew. The Skeletons march up the stairs through the rubble area. The Dwarf moves enough to be able to try to hit Gorm. ‘Try’ being the operative word.

Sam (5) misses the undead Dwarf and moves (advantage FF).

Scarp (3) moves.

Niki (22) sprints (Dash bonus action) towards the teleportation disc to put herself between it and the skeletons, then artfully twisting back around she puts Y1 down with an arrow to its skull (17pts advantage FF, sneak attack).

Gavaris (21) moves in to engage the Dwarf. As ‘Talon’ slips in through a join in the platemail Gavaris sees he could not have done more damage if he’d tried (16pts max). His off-hand also lands a solid hit but the wound should have been more severe (5pts)… his off-hand short sword is not magical, ‘Talon’ is. (advantage FF)

Yellow Skeletons (20) Y3 stabs. Gavaris’ parry was just a bit off and he is hit (4pts).

Y2, 4, 5 all move as much as they can toward the disc.

Undead Dwarf (19), wielding two longswords, feints with one and Gorm falls for it. The other longsword bites deep in Gorm’s side and he feels a coldness sneak in (CON save fail for 5 necrotic 8 sword = 13pts!) Gavaris uses his Sentinel reaction to make the Undead Dwarf pay dearly for hurting his friend by striking him down (14pts)!

Scarp (16) hangs to give aid to Gotha.

Gotha (8) aims at Y4 who is heading for the disc but forgoes the Repelling, as it would just knock the thing closer to the disc, and sends an Eldritch Blast to crackle it with energy (5pts).

Red Skeletons (8) R1 points at the dead-again Dwarf and sends a purple ray to start raising it again.

R2 moves then misses Gorm.

R4 moves to engage Xaven. The sorcerer takes a hit (5pts).

R5 starts to climb over some boulders.

R6 moves at engage Xaven who is more wary and dodges its attack.

Xaven (7) draws his quarterstaff and aims a blow at the glowing R3 (advantage FF). The blunt weapon satisfyingly crunches through the animated bones (6pts).

Gorm (6) does not want to see that Undead Dwarf raised again and uses his Sweeping Attack (32pts) but it continues to get up!

Sam (5) moves to help Niki protect the teleportation disc. She then shoots a crossbow bolt at Y2, sending some bones flying (advantage FF 8pts).

Niki (27) drops her bow, draws her swords while moving 10’ to Y2. She slashes it into a pile of bones (advantage FF 8pts) then Dashes to the disc and shoves it as far as she can down the hallway.

Gavaris (23) puts the Undead Dwarf down again with ‘Talon’, then swings his off-hand to crash into R2 (advantage FF 9pts).

Scarp (21) moves to aid Gotha.

Gotha (19) Blasts and knocks R1 back 10’ (9pts).

Gorm (18) sets his sights on R1 and provokes 2 attacks from other skeletons as he moves to engage. One misses but the other gets lucky (8pts on Gorm). It doesn’t mention Gorm’s attack on R1 after that so I assume he missed

Xaven (14) twirls his quarterstaff and lands it squarely into R3’s neck, causing it to crumple like the sack of bones it is (advantage FF 10pts).

Red Skeletons (11) R1 shoots energy at R2, healing it.

R2 &4 swing and miss.

R5 runs to the disc, passing Niki who gets a free swing as it does so (8pts) but it keeps moving.

Yellow Skeletons (10) Gavaris ducks out of the way of Y3’s attack.

Y4 is moving to the disc and makes it! It disappears.

Y5, also booking it to the disc takes a bolt from Sam (AOO 9pts), but keeps moving and makes it. It also disappears.

Sam (3) misses.

Niki (23) runs and jumps on the disc…

SECOND FRONT: Niki appears beside Y4&5. She puts Y5 down with her scimitar (8pts) but can’t quite do the same to Y4 with her off-hand (3pts).

Y4 moves but Niki misses her opportunity attack. The skeleton goes through a door…

MAIN FRONT: Xaven (22) moves then misses R4.

Gavaris (21) swings ‘Talon’ around on R2, reducing it to a pile of rubble and armour (11pts advantage FF) but misses R4 with his off-hand.

Gotha (20) knocks R1 back another 10’ (1pt), then moves toward the teleportation disc.

Gorm (20) slashes at R1, sending bones falling to the floor, but not all of them. It’s still up (10pts).

Scarp (16) flies to flank R1 with Gorm.

Red Skeletons (13) R1 turns it’s magic upon itself for healing.

R4 strikes at Gavaris who can’t avoid the nasty swing (10pts).

R5 moves onto the disc and disappears.

R6 swings and hits Xaven (4pts).

Yellow Skeletons (11) Y3 misses Gavaris.

Sam (9) steps on the disc and disappears.

SECOND FRONT: Sam appears beside R5 but her bolts whistles through its ribs.

MAIN FRONT: Gavaris (22) stabs at R4 with both blades. Bones are flying but it won’t go down (16pts).

Gotha (21) delays.

Gorm (20) strikes at R1 with his Sweeping Attack but the magic-wielder still stands (11pts).

Scarp (16) aids Gotha who Blasts R1 into a cloud of dust (6pts).

Red Skeletons (8) R4 manages to gets through Gavaris’ defences (6pts).

R6 also scores a hit on Xaven (7pts).

Yellow Skeletons (6) Y3 gets a lucky strike on Gavaris (5pts)!

Xaven (5)‘s quarterstaff is a blur until it crunches into R6’s skull, crushing it (16pts). He then moves toward the disc.

SECOND FRONT: Sam (22) drops her bow and draws her mace, swinging it into the skeletal face of R5. It drops (8pts).

Niki (20) follows the skeleton through the door. There she sees more skeletons… lots and lots and lots of skeletons… and floating above them is a…. BEHOLDER!!! “Fuck me!” She turns and runs back to the disc, shouting to Sam “Go back! Go back! We gotta tell them its a Beholder!” They both jump back onto the disc and disappear.

Gavaris’ (24) first swing with ‘Talon’ glances off R4’s bones but his off-hand comes up to shatter it’s skull (9pts).

Niki (19) and Sam appear on the disc. “Guys! It’s a beholder! And a shit-load of skeletons! They’re coming!” Niki begins pushing the floating disc (Sam having a ride) toward the shaft of the spiral stairway. She manages to push it 45’… conveniently right to where she dropped her bow…

Scarp (17) delays.

Gotha (16) moves to the disc then pushes it another 25’… “If we can tip this up…”

Yellow Skeleton (13) Y3 is the only skeleton left on this side of the portal. It attacks Gavaris none-the-less and the wood elf is taking a beating (4pts… down to 11)!

Gorm (12) moves and makes a solid hit on Y3 but not enough to end it (13pts).

Sam (10) jumps off the disc and moves it right up the lip of the shaft down, she then calls a Sacred Flame down upon Y3 (2pts).

Xaven (10) moves towards the disc and throws an Eldritch Blast at Y3 (2pts).

Niki (24) picks up her bow, Dashes up the disc and tries to lift it up vertically… no way… skinny little elf.

Y3 (20) misses Gavaris… luckily!

Gotha (18) moves to the disc and waits.

Gavaris (17) strikes Y3 down and quaffs a Healing Potion (19/43).

Sam (15) moves to Xaven and ties a rope around his waist then moves back to where the disc is hovering by the hole, holding onto the other end of the rope.

Scarp (6) delays.

Xaven (6) steps into the open air of the shaft and grabs hold of the lip of the disc, his body being a weight to tip it on an angle.

Gotha, having waited for this moment, now casts Repelling Eldritch Blast to the now exposed underside of the disc… the stone dais tips up 90 degrees to the long drop down.

Gorm moves to help Sam pull Xaven back up.

Sam Heals Gavaris (11pts) and Sam and Xaven sit to see if they can finish up the half hour they need to regain their spells.

Two minutes later they hears the sounds of crashing metal and splintering bones coming from the stairwell. Skeletons are appearing on the teleportation disc and immediately falling down the very deep hole. Groups of 11 at a time… another then another, then another…

Suddenly Gotha clutches at himself feeling a cold, cold pain (18 CON save but took 12 necrotic pts anyway… probably half damage! Yikes!!!)

The Darkwinter Company look up to see a Beholder hovering 90’ above them.

Niki (29) (at disadvantage due to range) misses the Beholder with her arrow then Dashes down the stairs.

Scarp (21) delays.

Sam (19) produces a piece of bat fur and a small piece of coal from her belt pouch and says some divine words directed at an arrow (a bolt I presume as she has a crossbow) and a magical Darkness spreads in a 15 foot radius around it. She then gives the bolt to Gotha.

Gavaris (17) is in the Darkness but he pulls a small scrap of parchment from his belt… if it weren’t dark, one could see it has Holy scripture written upon it… with a gesture and some holy words a shimmering field appears around him… again, if it weren’t utterly Dark. (Shield of Faith). He then jumps down onto the stairs.

Beholder (17) shoots a ray from one of its eyestalks at Niki (2 failed saves) and she becomes Paralyzed! The Beholder then moves 30’ up.

Scarp (16) hangs with Gotha.

Gorm (11) moves, jumps down the stairs and picks up Niki.

Gotha (11), aided by Scarp shoots back at the Beholder with an Eldritch Blast (3pts advantage, Scarp). “We’ve taken your army and have hit you!” He moves down the stairs taking the Darkness with him.

Xaven (3) now out of the Darkness, moves down the stairs.

“Let’s go get the crown.” Says Gotha.

The Darkwinter Company hears the Beholder bellow “Stop stepping through the portal!”


Wow, you guys are so fucked.

Game 5

Niki: 12HP. Paralyzed. Being carried by Gorm.

Game 5

Xaven: 10HP, spells and sorcery points depleted. He does still have his Tides of Chaos ability it seems and he did not use his Inspiration last game, though I know it is supposed to be gone now.

Game 5

Gorm: 19 /43 HP, 5 HP drained from his max of 48. No other status ailments

Game 5

Gavaris is at 30 HP. No conditions or ailments. He has 2 Potions of Healing.

(P.S. We are NOT fucked. We are Darkwinter Company!)

Game 5

Sam is at 32 pts (no damage). I have Augury, Revivify, Silence and Darkness scrolls; and a potion of Healing. No spells but cantrips: resistance, sacred flame, spare the dying, druid craft, and poison spray. If we are 30 minutes out of a long rest, then I can also turn undead (after short rest).

Game 5

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