Game 7

Kneel before Rokthwar

After the near TPK, the DWC decided to clear out all the creatures and then explore with both hands free. It takes about a week… fighting rust mosters and stirges etc.

While exploring they eventually find where Nezznar, the Black Spider, and his mercs were hiding out. There is a prisoner there… a dwarf, bound and gagged slumped over a table. The heroes release him and Sam heals him. He is Nundro Rockseeker.

“You saved me from a madman! The Spider – Nezznar – my brother fell on the stairs and he was waiting for me. He was obsessed with an iron crown and something called Rockthwar. He would meditate and speak in magic tongues… but I could make out the name Rockthwar.”

The party show Nundro their contract with his brother to prove we work for him. “Thank you for saving my life.”

When they find Nezznar’s body they find some interesting things on it… A necklace of a skull with a pulsing green saphhire for an eye. Xaven says it doesn’t read as magic, yet it clearly is. Gotha takes it for now. Sam takes a Potion of Healing. Gorm shoulders the exporers kit and Xaven’s eyes light up at the Spider’s Staff (Web, Spider’s Climb, +1d6 poison, 10 charges), 3 small gem stone (8sp each), a dwarven ale mug made of electrum (100gp)

They also recovered the fire resistant apron and visor and Gauntlets of some kind of strength.

The DWC finds an Eye of Minute Seeing in the gemology lab. Niki takes it for now. They also found a Potion of Hill Giant’s strength (Gavaris) and a mithril chain shirt which they will sell, and some periodot gems.

Now… about that crown… it takes only an hour to get it out of the ground… they were really close!

Gotha uses the Eye to gaze into the Black Sapphire. He sees a Pit Fiend and six lesser devils in about two acres of Hell.

Xaven meditates on the iron crown.

Jeff Orchard: [I’ve described to Rod the first 8 minutes of his experience with the Iron Crown, after first encountering the weave. So 18 minutes of meditation. It looks like he was finally going to say something but slurred his words.]

We immediately try to break his concentration then… I think Gotha had an idea how to do that…

[He stipulated more severe conditions which is why you were triggered a bit later. I’m still awaiting Rod’s initial reply.]

Xaven is not Evil yet …..

[I have replied to Rod]


“Friends, the sorcerer becomes incoherent. What shall we do?”

Smack him

Hide the crown

Gavaris moves to throw a sack or cloak over the crown

[Xaven’s face had just contorted when you slapped him]

Gavaris now definitely puts a sack or cloak over the crown, so Xaven can no longer see it or the gem.&

[The DM returns to the table with Rod]

Lord Gloomwing continues to slap the sorcerer.

Gorm will try and find some water to splash in his face

Quickly! Fetch me that eggplant.

okay, well since i apparently WON’T need the augury spell, I cast resistance, bless and cure

I don’t think what Xaven’s doing obviates the casting of Augury. We can still do that. There are multiple ways we can try to understand what the crown is.

if i knew xaven was doing this, i would have prepared and cast Protection from Evil and Good (so that’s three rounds)

“Could you all please stop that. Why did you light my feet on fire?”

[This was about 18 or 19 minutes. yes, Xaven was wincing in pain but his feet aren’t actually burned.]

Xaven looks down at himself to confirm that he is still restrained as instructed. “Incredible, I don’t know how that happened but it explains how they could not touch me….I shall have to look into this phenomenon…..”

[There’s a pregnant pause as the Darkwinter Company looks to Xaven, curious despite their better (for the most part) natures.]

Gotha, looks slightly disappointed. His hand ready for more slapping.

Looking right at Gotha, Xaven speaks directly to him.

“Rokthwar is a singularly unpleasant creature, I did not like him at all.”

“So you’re not possessed?”

“No, why? Should I be? He did ask me to kneel but I wasn’t going to do that.”

What happened? What was it like?

who else was there?

Did you see my uncle?

He was rather unpleasant


But seriously, what happened?

“It was like nothing I have ever experienced before. I focused on the Weave around the crown but it…drew me in, I suppose. It was almost like unravelling a twisted rope or getting through a labyrinth…there was a smell like rotting flesh and I could hear the fires and the intense burning in my feet. My mouth seemed full of ash….I was standing in mud before a towering, red and black Pit Fiend, Rokthwar. An amazing specimen, truly. His body writhed with muscles and power, covered in scars. He sat across from me, seated on a throne of bone, flanked by Spined Devils to either side and all in front of a cliff behind him. He did not speak aloud but I could hear his voice in my head. The pitch was so low, I could barely make it out.”

" Who are you?’ he asked and I replied ‘I am Xaven. Who are you?’ "

“I would swear I was there, but my body seemed… absent… translucent… perhaps Astral? I do not know. I do know that I did not speak back to him but more..thought my reply to him, almost as if in a dream.”

" ‘I? I am Rokthwar, your King" he sent to me. "Once and Future King of Faerun. Kneel, mortal. Who is most important to you, in your little life, I wonder?’ "

’ “A curious question, Demon Lord. I believe I am most important to me, who else?” ’ I did not kneel, of course. I wasn’t really there so why would I kneel?"

His answer was curious, I found. ’ “An appropriate answer. An inappropriate posture.” ’ Then his two Spined Devils tried to force me to my knees. They tried to push down on my shoulders from behind but their scaly claws passed right through my insubstantial body. They were quite upset about this and one snarled right beside me. I don’t mind admitting that I was quite startled by that. I believe it broke my concentration and returned me here, not that I really left mind you but ….I didn’t leave did I? That would have been quite something else entirely. It was a very interesting experience but I do believe that it is not something we should risk again. I suspect the consequences of that would be..unfortunate."

A low whistle from Niki. Sheeeee-it.


We almost lost you buddy

So who’s next?

Yuck yuck yuck

How is Rokthwar there (wherever there is) when he is dead and desiccated down there?

(Pointing down the shaft)

Pit fiends die when they die, right?

I would have thought so before but I believe that Rokthwar, or perhaps a part of his essence, was transferred into the jewel in the crown. His power is or was on a scale we can only dream of. Imagine, if you will, a being whose power is such that their imaginings can change the shape of Reality. He might have taken over a part of the Realm of Death for all we know. All of this is speculation but whatever way you choose to interpret this, he is a being beyond our power.

Hmmm… And you just got his attention.

I’d say this crown might be hard to destroy

Some anti-magic water from the forge might not cut it

The statue or augury… We have to know how.

I’m guessing Rokthwar is looking for a host so he can return to this plane

Let’s try augury first. We don’t want to waste those statue uses

I’m sure there are some who would gladly be that host.

I can think of one

And he’s nasty enough already

Your uncle?

My father

Well, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

He’s usually holed up in the citadel, busy messing with necromancy

I don’t think augury will tell us how to destroy it… The statue might. And the hag will answer a question!

Yes, the hag is also a good idea

[Yes, the hag Agatha will answer one question]

Such power!

The power for one over so many. It’s gotta go.

Agreed, my friends. Let us compose a question to ask and let Sam determine the plan’s merit. We will ask after the anti-magic water first?

Makes sense…as we’re here.

Perhaps using Augury to determine which course of action is likely to be the most successful and then we can turn to the Statue if we need a more specific answer?

Trying to carry the crown in a bag proved futile as it would just rip through. Eventually it was wrapped in chainmail, then put in the bag until Gorm makes a mithril chest for it.

The first Augury question… “If we put Rockthwar’s crown in the anti-magic pool, will it reduce the danger posed to the Faerun Realm by Rockthwar and his allies?” WOE.

Next… “If we put Rockthwar’s crown in the Rift in the Forge of Spells, will it reduce the danger posed to the Faerun Realm by Rockthwar and his allies?” SILENCE.

Next… “If we destroy Rockthwar’s crown will it reduce the danger posed to the Faerun Realm by Rockthwar and his allies?” WEAL.

“Will immersing Rockthwar’s crown in molten mithril destory it?” WOE.

“Would smashing Rockthwar’s crown with the mine machines destroy it?” WOE.

“Would feeding Rockthwar’s crown to the fire elemetal destroy it?” WOE.

Gotha asks the statue, “How do we destroy Rockthwar’s crown?” A voice inside his head tells him, “CAST IT INTO THE LAVA BENEATH THE WEEPING COLLOSSUS IN THE FIRE NODE LEADING TO THE PLANE OF FIRE DEEP BENEATH THE SUMBER HILLS.”

Okay then!


Before leaving the company fishes the teleporter out of the river.

At this point the crown is in a mithril chest, fashioned by Gorm. No one is ever left alone with it (minimum three people around it) and no one carries it for more than 45 minutes.

The Darkwinter Company spend some time figuring out how to put everything to the best use for getting out with as much as they can possibly carry. Using the gauntlets, some Ability Enchancement spells, a web spell (just for falling insurance), and a nifty Misty Step or two by Xaven they leave the mines a very rich party… the equivilent of 153,180gp in mithril.

They decide to go back to Phandelver by way of Neverwinter to do some research on Green Dragons and get some things Identified. Gavaris’ new breastplate is +1 mithril with ADV vs dragon breath. Sam’s new mace is called ""Lighbringer". It was commissioned 500 years ago and can shed light on command and does +1d6 vs undead. Nezznar’s strange necklace is an Amulet of Proof Against Detectiion and Location. Niki trades the Eye of Minute Seeing with Gotha for this.

They learn that Green Dragons breath chlorine gas and basically everything from the 1st paragraph of the Monstr Manual entry.

They also deposit some of their mithril into a few different banks around Neverwinter.

On the way back to Phandelvin Gotha creates a Minor Illusion to make the wagon of money look like a wagon of hay. Nundro is delivered to his brother.

Upon reaching the Darkwinter Company manor grounds they bury the rest of their ingots around the property.

… in which….
Xaven and Gotha get freaky with the Fey.

Sam has a sea adventure.

Gavaris goes home to see what’s happening and start a family… :)

Gorm and Niki stay close to home. Gorm oversees the clearing of the land and reclaiming stone for the rebuilding of the keep. Niki designs a lock for the crown’s chest and a secret, trapped hallway to a secret trapped vault for the secret trapped chest. Gorm builds it. Niki also establishes a spy network in the surrounding area with contacts in Neverwinter and other towns.

June 13 at 2:59pm · Edited · Like
Jeff Orchard Gundren is spending a lot of his time hiring, during those initial two months. Meanwhile, the mining town restoration gets fully underway, though it will be another 10 months before the earthquake damage is fixed (all windows, terrible cracks, etc.), the art restored and the collapsed tower dealt with. Some of the bridges were precarious.

The DWC is invited as special guests to the opening ceremonies, a hard ticket to acquire. Some aristocracy will be present.

June 16 at 11:31am · Like
Jeff Orchard Your hippogriffs are transported for training to the Feathergale Society, in the Dessarain Valley, for the last six months of the two year break. You’ll be trained on mature hippogriffs at first, then switch over to your own once you have the basics



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