Gorm Brightmantle

Shield Dwarf Fighter


Jovial nature but quite reserved for a dwarf
4’9" tall
170 lbs
Light brown skin
Long red hair that is braided in with his long red beard
Dark green eyes


Gorm was born 65 years ago in Citadel Adbar in the Silver Marches of The North. He is the only child of Brathach and Seana Brightmantle. The Brightmantle are a noble family in Citadel Adbar and claim to be descended from Dugmaren Brightmantle, the dwarven deity of scholarship, discovery and invention and an exarch of Moradin.

Gorm had a fairly normal early childhood with fine schooling and martial training. Gorm saw little of his parents and was predominately raised by tutors and the servants of the Brightmantle household. As Gorm grew older, he began to hear rumors about his father and mother from the other children. While it was never the same story, there seemed to be some mystery and unease around Brathach and Seana.

This went on for many years without any development. Gorm was an excellent student in all areas and finished his schooling at the top of his class. His thirst for knowledge was only eclipsed by his prowess in combat. Gorm always preferred his studies, but could not ignore his natural athletic ability.

After his schooling, Gorm went to work for his father in the local government. He spent many hours working with his father in his local office as well as rooms Gorm was never allowed to enter deep within their manor. During t his time, he came to know his father for the first time in his life. What he learned was not to his liking. His parents indeed had many secrets that would shock even the most fervent gossips of the citadel.

It turns out that Brathach had been a nobody during his youth and through intense study of the arcane has developed talents that he used to his great advantage. He had used necromancy to unnaturally extend his life and was, in fact, hundreds of years old. He had also used his arcane arts to gain unfair advantages over rivals in business.

Brathach had recently moved to Citadel where he met Seana. Seana instantly fell for the mysterious and intelligent dwarf and they were married soon after. Gorm learned that his mother was unaware of Brathach’s true nature and was sworn to secrecy by his father.

Gorm became suspicious that Seana may, in fact, have been an unwilling participant in his father’s dark plans. Gorm confronted his father about this which let to a major battle between the two. Gorm was easily defeated and was expelled from the citadel by Brathach. His basic martial abilities were no match for the arcane powers of his father. Gorm vowed to learn how to stop his father and return to save his mother.

Gorm knew that the nearby city of Silverymoon held great stores of knowledge and masters of the arcane arts. He traveled to Silverymoon and took up tutelage under a human wizard named Ocrhan. He took a job as a mercenary to pay for his training in the arcane. Over a few years Gorm learned a great deal about the arcane, but had little success channeling the power. He grew more and more frustrated and struggled to stay the course. However, his job as a mercenary proved to be a good conduit for his frustration and he quickly rose in stature among the local thugs. He became known as “The Maul” among the locals and gained a reputation for being particularly effective and brutal.

Gorm became uneasy with his lot in Silverymoon and sought to seek knowledge elsewhere. He decided to travel to Neverwinter.

Gorm Brightmantle

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