High Elf, Rogue



When she came naked and squalling into this world her older brother and sister thought she was so small they gave her her childhood name Nikerym (Shortsword). They had expected their Ranger mother and Bladesinger father to produce a longsword at least.

Nikerym spent her first xx years growing up in a typical High Elven society… An city in trees, a culture more concerned with arts, and nature than gold and power.

She spent her time with the fey in the forest, and of course learning the blade arts from her father and about stealth from her mother.

However, when her mother was killed on a ranging that was tracking an Orc raiding party her father was so heart-broken that he could not stay where everything reminded him of her.

With a tearful farewell to her grown siblings, Nikerym headed to the multi-racial but heavily human city of xxx with her father. He had accepted the position of Blade Master for a wealthy human noble, hired to instruct the noble’s children with the sword and to take command of his guardsmen.

Nikerym found this new environment very exciting. She continued her blade lessons with her father and his new charges, who found the fact that she and her father were Elven to be an oddity… An amusement. This at first irked Nikeyrm but her father never seemed to notice or care which only infuriated her the more.

She began using her free time to explore the city. In the docks and dark alleys of the underbelly her quick wits and hands earned her respect from the street waifs she was drawn to. Perhaps it was the fact that they didn’t seem to care that she wasn’t human (as most of the non-humans of the city were amongst the common folk). Perhaps it was their generally chaotic nature that drew her, reminiscent of the fey from her home and entirely different from the rigid society of the human nobles.

Nikerym was nearing Elven adulthood, about 100 human years, and then time when she would choose her own adult name. The city of xxx was sacked by yyy. At the time of the invasion Nikerym was hustling a card game down on the docks. Her father was in the noble district and would have taken command of his lord’s guard. The city was routed. It was said that all the nobles were rounded up and put to the sword.

Assuming her father fought and died for the human nobles, Nikerym fled with a few of the urchins who knew secret underground passages that led out of the city. Stealing, hustling and cheating their way, they made it to the city of zzz.

Here her talents were quickly spotted by the local Thieves Guild.

When her new friends asked her name and Nikerym told them, they had a hard time pronouncing it. It was then that Nikerym deemed it time to choose her adult name and it was the name her new life had chosen for her. They called her Niki, and in her mind she added a second name… A name that she would claim when she avenged her father… Niki Bladesinger.

It is unclear to her however who she holds more responsible for her fathers death. The invading party or the human nobles he died protecting.

Niki is 5’2" and 100 lbs soaking wet. She wears her blue-black long hair down and however it chooses… It has it’s own mind and is out of control. Her eyes are the colour of liquid honey and her skin is very fair.

She has no permanent tattoos, however, she has ever-changing henna tattoos that are replaced by new designs just before the old ones fade.

She likes fruit and eats all kinds all the time. And she had a nervous habit of playing with her deck of cards.


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