Game 9

Gavaris' Vengeance

As the Darkwinter Company circle in to land within the fortified half-walls of the Dellmon Ranch Gavaris spies an orc banner in amongst the nearby trees. It is a banner he has seen before… none other than Zarakh Blooddrinker himself! It looks like Gavaris’ Vengeance is at hand!

Coming in for a landing they see people waving and beaconing. The hippogriffs touch down in a dusty cloud among a community of clearly frightened people. A human in armour approaches saying, “Gods be praised!” She is Erin Stoutblade, a knight who arrived just before the horde. They also meet the local noble Kerbin Dellmon and his family; wife, Marka (a scout) and their children, Perd, Dreena (a druid), and Fyndrick (a guard). A halfling scout, Flameran Verminbane and two dwarves, Stol and Branikan (blacksmiths) are also introduced.

Gavaris introduces the Darkwinter Company and does his whole Meilikki spiel. [Michael, feel free to write what Gavaris would have said.] He and Stoutblade hit it off immediately over the Retribution to orcs thing. The Company asks for any information on the warband. It is known they have at least one spellcaster.

Gavaris is grave and focused. He asks Kerbin Dellmon if the Company can take charge. “Yes, yes please.”

Assembling all those who can fight they have; Kerbin Dellmon, Erin Stoutblade, Dreena, 7 guards (including Fyndrick), 12 commoners (including Stol and Branikan and Perd), and 4 scouts (including Marka and Flameran). The Company each take charge of a small group and take up defensive positions. The non-combatants take refuge in the barn.

As the day grows dark they see orc scouts start to fan out around the homestead at the edge of the surrounding forest.

Xaven takes to the air on his hippogriff… the only one that can sniper from a safe distance. Dreena casts Longstrider on Gavaris who casts Divine Favour on himself and waits for something to come in range. Everyone readies their ranged weapons. Gorm winks at Stoutblade, “Are you ready, lassie?” Skorn invisibly searches in the forest for the spellcaster. She hears drumming and follows it to a one-eyed orc shaman with a hawk-feathered headdress, dancing and beating a drum on his hip. Skorn moves up and stings him! (Poisoned DIS on attacks and ability checks 4 rounds). The drumming falters and Skorn slinks back into the forest.

Xaven manages to get 5 hits with Eldritch Blast. And some of the scouts manage to feather some orcs causing them to fade back into the forest. Then they wait…

The orcs emerge from the forest, screaming and running towards the walls from all directions. Arrows fly! Some orcs go down. Skorn stings the Shaman again but it shakes off the poison. Xaven sends Eldritch Blast from above. Gorm screams and yells.

The orcs continue running… they are now 180’ away. Arrows fly, some hitting, some missing. Skorn misses Blooddrinker. Xaven drops to 160’ and sends a twinned Acid Chromatic Orb at the Shaman and Blooddrinker. Blooddrinker gets hit hard and the Shaman even harder… full in the face, the acid melting his eyes and brain… gross! (Crit)

The orcs continue running and those that make it are now 90’ away. However, some get snared in Dreena’s Entangle spell and some drop from arrows. Blooddrinker gets pummelled by Eldritch Blasts from both Xaven and Gotha, the latter’s knocking him 10’ back, prone. Gavaris, jumps the wall and starts making his way around to engage Blooddrinker, mano a mano.

Most of the orcs move up to 30’ from the walls and throw javelins… A few commoners go down. Another group of orcs books it right up to the wall. Niki and her scouts take some down from range. Sam casts Bless. Gotha’s Faerie Fire fizzles and Xaven twinned orbs miss Blooddrinker. Gorm takes two down with two twirling handaxes. Gavaris continues his way toward Blooddrinker. At about 55’ away he falters from a flashback of the destruction of his home. He holds his holy symbol of Meilikki and channels some energy through it (Abjure Enemy) but Blooddrinker is not effected and laughs, saying, “I remember you.” Gavaris casts Hunter’s Mark (bonus action) and says, “You will now face the wrath of Meilikki!” Blooddrinker chucks a javelin at him but Gavaris bats it away.

More orcs make it over the wall, some funelling in between the barn and forge. Orcs converge on Kerbin and some guards and commoners go to help him. Some from each side go down. Niki and the scouts again do well with their arrows. Gorm and Stoutblade smile as at last they are in melee. Dreena sends out a Thunderwave taking some out and Gotha sends some to Sleep. Xaven manages to trap some of the invaders who were in between the barn and forge with a Web. Gavaris closes with Blooddrinker and ‘Talon’ rips into his ear and out the back of his neck but missing the brain (crit with Divine Smite 27pts) but Blooddrinker swings around with a might attack of his own and Gavaris falls unconscious to the ground. Blooddrinker steps over his body and moves towards the wall.

The battle continues, now mostly inside the walls. Niki and the scouts continue their good work… especially Niki and Marka with crits. Orcs fall but so do some people. Gotha and Xaven both hit the approaching Blooddrinker, one with an Eldritch Blast, the other with a powerful Lightning Chromatic Orb but he keeps coming. Stoutblade is injured and Gorm helps her out by dropping a Healing potion where she can get it. Skorn moves to Gavaris and feeds him a Healing Potion.

The orcs surrounding Kerbin are too strong and the noble falls. More orcs fall… some from arrows, some from Dreena’s flames. Sam sends a Spiritual Weapon against Blooddrinker for a solid hit but still he comes. Gavaris is up! He moves and draws his bow on Blooddrinker and misses but it does get his attention. He turns to the elf and says “You should’ve stayed down boy!” Then an arrow takes Blooddrinker from behind and punches through his chest! Nice shot Marka! Blooddrinker falls unconscious, bleeding out in the dirt. Gavaris approaches with his blades drawn “Your death is from Meilikki!”, and beheads his enemy.

The remaining orcs break and run to be picked off from hippogriff back. It is a bitter-sweet victory as many people fell. Those that survived… Erin Stoutblade, Dreena, Marka, Perd, the 3 other scouts, 3 guards (not Fyndrick) and 4 commoners, plus 8 non-combatants.

Elves from the High Forest come galloping up…. Too late! Gavaris informs them that he has done what the Lady of the Wood had asked of him. “My task is done. My allegiance is now to the Darkwinter Company.”



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