Game 6

The Taking of the Mines of Phandelver

The Dark Winter Company in the Mines of Phandelver – Game Six, May 9, 2015

So, the Darkwinter Company find themselves in a bit of a tight spot. Although dozens and dozens and dozens of skeletons are falling through the inverted teleporter to smash to pieces 5 miles down, a Beholer is hovering more than 80’ above them. The heroes have moved into the stairwell and are covered by a magical Darkness that Sam cast over the mouth to the stairs down to the centre of the earth where lies an ancient Pit Fiend skeleton with a mighty crown halfway unearthed from it’s stony grave.

Sam and Xaven have only Cantrips at their disposal and Xaven has wounds from the skeletons’ swords, Gavaris has many wounds that are running with blood, Gorm has multiple wounds and is also carrying Niki who was paralyzed and grievously injured by the Beholder. Gotha has taken some nasty necrotic damage from the Beholder but he has all of his spells at hand… He can also see through the magical Darkness and is only a few steps down…

Scarp (20) delays.

Gavaris (15) Lays Hands on Niki for 5pts of healing and moves 30’ down the stairs, drawing his bow.

Sam (15) moves down the stairs near to Gavaris.

Gorm (14) quaffs a Potion of Healing (7pts) and moves 30’ down with Niki slung over his shoulder.

NIki (13) doesn’t break the Paralysis.

Gotha (10), with his Devil’s Sight, is not imepeded by the Darkness spell and (with Advantage) sends an Eldritch Blast hurtling towards the Beholder. It tries to deflect the Blast (reaction) but cannot and the damaging energy crackles over its hideous body (8 pts).

Xaven (10), just a few steps down, steps up out of the Darkness, looks with his ‘other sight’ and targets the mutli-eyed abomination also with an Eldritch Blast. Again, energy burns over the Beholder (9pts). He then slinks back down below the Darkness.

The Beholder (9) moves upwards another 60’ to hover 180’ above the floor at the top of the stairs.

Niki (25) again fails to break the paralysis.

Gotha (21) sees that the Beholder is out of his range and delays.

Xaven (14) uses his ‘other sight’ to shoot an Eldritch Blast with his superior range (Disadvantage with Darkness) and manages to hit again (4 pts)! “You can run but you cannot hide!”

Scarp (14) delays.

Gorm (11) delays.

Gavaris (9) moves up the stairs to Lay Hands on Xaven (5pts) then steps back down 10’ with bow drawn.

The Beholder (9) says “You’ll never leave with the crown!” Gotha responds “We already have the crown!” The Beholder continues to move up out of sight.

Sam (8) delays.

Some time goes by… Niki is no longer paralyzed.

The party decides to descend no further and to try to get their last half hour of rest that will restore Sam and Xaven’s spells.

After ten minutes the Darkness disappears.

Xaven puts some pitons into the edge of the stairs and secures ropes to them hanging down the shaft.

Half an hour goes by and the spell casters have their arsenal back.

A shuffle of armoured feet is heard at the top of the stairs. Not wanting to waste their time fighting skeletons and not seeing anywhere else to go the Darkwinter Company decide to go ‘through the looking-glass.’

Gorm runs up the stairs and jumps, stretching out his hand to touch the teleporter facing down the shaft. The rest of the Company do the same. Before they disappear they see at least a dozen skeletons and the Beholder.

On the other side…


It’s really smokey… water drips from the ceiling. The WHOOSH they’ve heard before is much louder here. It is caused by the waves of an underground lake. The water powers a waterwheel by a mill.

(Jeff help me out the the description) In the mill is a furnace and bellows with keys like a piano. There are shovels and raw mithril… moulds for making ingots… a fortune of mithril. The waterwheel is powering a machine for crushing rocks and another teleporter…

Gorm says “Guys stop! They are going to follow us through the teleporter… Lets’s put it in the water.” The heroes push the teleporter disc in the water. It flips over and gets washed down stream by the current.

NIki, with bow in hand checks out the door… she sees waaaay down below her the floor with the stairs going down to the centre of the earth and across a bridge a room with a burning blue flame…. it is a huge area. (Jeff help with description).

Niki stealthily moves across the bridge and sees a furnace, three doors and and an exit to another bridge.

There is a hose connecting the furnace to the teleporter from the other room and slag coming out of the furnace which is delivered to a teleporter bucket. Smoke is rising to another teleporter affixed to the ceiling but it is askew which accounts for the smokiness in this area. There seems to be a sentience to the fire in the furnace.

Xaven tries to use Mage Hand to fix the teleporter to clear the smoke but it is to heavy.

Two of the doors are closed and one is open. Niki and Gavaris check out the closed doors. One reveals an armoury in which they find a magic mithril maul (yay! Gorm takes it), a suit of mithril (not magic) dwarven platemail (Gorm also takes that), a magic (+1) mithril breastplate, a magic mace (Sam takes it), a human-sized suit of mithril platemmail (Sam takes it), and a mithril chain shirt. Niki exchanges her short sword for a mithril one and Xaven does the same with his daggers.

Niki cracks open the other door to peer inside. There is 25’ long corridor at the end of which is a human statue with arms crossed and eyes closed. There is a pool of water behind the statue. Niki closes the door.

Looking at the blue flame Sam gets nothing with an Arcana Check. Xaven checks it out and finds it to be a pure source of magic. While he meditates on it Gavaris is standing by the bridge they haven’t crossed while Gotha and Scarp stand guard at the bridge they came from. Xaven uses a pair of tongs from a nearby table and puts one of his daggers into the blue flame. When he retracts it it is glowing… it has been imbued with magic. The rest of the party takes a couple minutes to do the same with all their metal weapons.

Back to the corridor with the statue… an arcana check reveals nothing. Niki approaches it wearily. The statue talks weirdly, not moving it’s mouth and raises a hand to to signal her to stop. Niki says to it “We mean you no harm.” and takes another step. More weird language from the statue. Niki, responds “I don’t understand you.” while she checks the walls and floor around her. Finding nothing she approaches the statue and gives it a “high five” trying to repeat what it said to her.

The statue tries to punch her… the first fist misses but the second connects. She takes a step back but the statue follows her.

Niki (20) tumbles past the statue and attacks it with her newly magic-imbued weapons but they just skitter off its stone body. Gorm shouts to her “Choose again!”

Gavaris (17) delays.

Sam (17) sends a Sacred Flame down upon it and the radiant damage chips a little stone off of it (2 pts).

Gotha (13) also chips away at it with an Eldritch Blast (2 pts).

Xaven (12) moves closer to the forge and misses with an Eldritch Blast.

Gorm (9) moves in to engage and draw fire.

The Golem (9) attacks Gorm missing with one fist but connecting with the other (4pts).

Scarp (9) moves to check the un-explored bridge but sees nothing.

Gavaris (delayed) casts Divine Favour which imbues his attack with Radiant damage but his arrow can’t penetrate the Golem’s stone hide.

Niki (26) turns to have a quick look around the room and water but sees nothing. She then moves back to flank the Golem with Gorm.

Golem (19) gets in another punch on Gorm (4pts).

Xaven (15) tries again with another Eldritch Blast and this time some stone flies (7 pts)!

Scarp (14) is watching for trouble from the bridge.

Sam (10) chips away at the Golem with a Sacred Flame (1 pt)

Gavaris (8) misses again with an arrow.

Gotha (7) can’t connect with a Repelling Eldritch Blast.

Gorm (4), flanking with Niki takes a big swing with his new magic maul. It smashes into the Golem and a large chunk of stone comes flying off.

Xaven (21) chips off some stone with an Eldritch Blast (1pt).

Gavaris (18) has another miss.

Niki (14) tries to slam a piton through the Golem’s foot to pin it to the ground but can’t pull it off.

Sam (13) sends another Sacred Flame down upon it (3pts).

Gorm (9) still flanking with Niki sends his maul smashing into the Golem’s stomach and the stone statue crumbles, lifeless. “That’s how you do it, boys!”

Niki thoroughly checks the room but finds nothing. Xaven is curious (as always) about the pool of water. He dips a glowing dagger into the water and when he pulls it out it is no longer glowing. Niki tests a glowing arrow against one dipped in the water and the glowing one is definitely better. Huh… an anti-magic pool.

Looking out into the chasm the heroes see other islands like the one they are on all connected by bridges. There is also one in the middle with a Dwarven statue on it.

As the party is crossing the next bridge the Beholder floats up into view near the middle island. It sees the party. Niki and Gavaris have made it across the bridge and as Sam is crossing she gets fired at but the ray misses her. This triggers her readied action and she casts Bless on Niki, Gavaris, Xaven and Gotha. Gavaris takes a shot from one of the Beholder’s eyes but manages to shake it off (makes his Will save).

The party makes it across the bridge and find a wall that provides cover. There is a door leading to the chasm area and stairs going up and down, and another bridge.

Gotha casts a Minor Image of Niki on the bridge. The Beholder takes the bait and fires at the illusion, making it disappear. They all dash across the bridge but Xaven gets hit with the Beholder’s second attack taking some Necrotic damage (4pts). As Gavaris is crossing he takes a shot with his bow and glowing arrow… a solid hit! (11pts).

This new area seems to have been a dormitory. The walls to the chasm are only 3’ tall. The Darkwinter Company quickly make a plan.

Everyone but Gorm sneaks in to the chasm area, keeping low and take up positions for sniping from behind the low wall.

Everyone delays for Gotha.

Gotha (15) creates a sound from the previous promontory “Use the crown now!”

Gorm (21*, delayed) books it across the next bridge, making his way to the middle island.

Niki (24, delayed) pops up over the wall and sends an arrow whistling at the Beholder (5+magic pts). She then drops back behind the wall.

Scarp (20, delayed) moves 120’ to be ahead of Gorm on the bridge.

Sam (17, delayed) (with or fighting a 50% cover) sends a Sacred Flame at the Beholder who reflects it back to her (1pt).

Gavaris (9, delayed) as a bonus action casts Hunter’s Mark for extra damage… and his arrow strikes the mark! (15pts)

Gorm (21* delayed) moves 10’ then using his Boots of Striding and Jumping jumps 50’ onto the bridge.

Niki (20) moves and casts True Strike.

Gavaris (21) (fighting cover) hits the Beholder with an arrow (12pts) and it plops down dead!!!

The rest of the Darkwinter Company join Gorm on the middle island. It used to be a temple to Moradin but is now defaced with symbols of the Dwarven God of Greed. There is a rotten banner, a prayer book and pews. The ceiling is nicer as they haven’t yet ruined the dwarven architecture.

Time check… 10:30 am… it’s been half an hour since weapons were dipped in the magic flame.

Xaven stays with the party but goes to his happy place to study the magic flame from a distance… it seems to be a weird rip in the veil… a source of pure raw magic.

Retracing their steps a bit they search the dormitory… beds, a chest, an ivory statue of elephants humping.

Checking out the pool of water that was guarded by the statue, Xaven casts Ray of Frost at it… it seems to be cancelled out. Hmmm…. Xaven and Niki both fill a waterskin with it.

While this exploration is going on Sam and Gorm spend some time in the temple attuning to their new magic weapons.

At 11am the company is heading back towards the room with all the mithril when 4 skeletal wights emerge from the water… guess they used the teleporter that is now washed downstream. There is a gnome in elaborate clothes (Goudy Whyhelm Trifeelix); a human in the remnants of holy robes (Bruenig Doon); a dwarf (Rivvus Argustus); and another dwarf, the one in welder’s gear that Scarp saw (Kunther Asternax Jax). They make their way toward the heroes.

Xaven (19) books it over the bridge to the temple (double move).

Gorm (19) moves to a narrow spot by the bedroom.

Niki (17) quickly moves to inside the door of the bedroom, hiding (double moves and dashes).

Gotha (13) is out of range so he readies a Repelling Eldritch Blast .

Sam (10) moves and sends a bolt into the gnome from her crossbow (4pts).

Gavaris (9) double moves to the temple bridge and calls upon Meiliki for Divine Radiance.

Scarp (60 hangs with Gotha.


Niki (29*) stays in her hiding spot and delays.

The Wights (22*) move 60’ and are on the bridge when…

Gotha’s readied action gets triggered and the Blast takes the undead welder over the bridge (7pts)! but he manages to grab and hold on to dangle from the bridge over a very very long drop.

Gorm (20) delays, feeling the weight of his new maul in his hands with anticipation.

Gavaris (19) moves onto the temple island and sends an arrow whistling towards the vulnerable Kunther A. Jax… with the magic of the flame, the arrow manages to pierce the dangling dwarf (12pts) but he manages to continue holding on.

Xaven (16) lines up a sniper shot (ignoring 3/4 cover)… (Inspiration for Advantage) he conjures as powerful a Thunderous Chromatic Orb as he can muster (2nd Level), twinning it and sending them rumbling toward Kunther…. but both orbs tumble beautifully down into the darkness (SAD-vantage!).

Scarp (14) grabs some soap from Gotha’s backpack and flies toward the dangling welder.

Sam (11) sends a bolt to Kunther A. Jax, but cannot penetrate his welder’s apron.

Kunther A Jax provokes attacks from Scarp as he tries to climb back onto the bridge. Scarp misses his bite and sting and Jax, still hanging, grabs Scarp by the neck and squeezes. Gotha feels cold as Scarp disappears and the soap falls into the chasm.

Niki (29), successfully timing her movement so she won’t be seen by the approaching enemy, runs and jumps the yawning space to land on the next island over to be behind them. She cracks the door and waits.

Gotha (19) (using the Inspiration from the idea of using the teleporters to our advantage) sends another Repelling Eldritch Blast at Jax… this time it sends him falling the long dark fall (Wilhelm scream!)

The DWC all quietly make mental notes to themselves to go get his stuff when this is all over.

Sam (15) moves and readies a Sacred Flame…

Gorm (14) delays…

Gavaris (13) readies his bow…

The Wights (10) approach and Sam’s Sacred Flame singes Rivvus (1pt). Gavris’ arrow hits the gnome, Goudy, hard (12pts)!

Xaven (8) readies a twinned Witchbolt.

Niki (28) moves quietly into the hallway behind them. She points her finger at the last one… the remaining dwarf, Rivvus. The cantrip reveals a brief glimpse into his defences (True Strike). They don’t notice her.

The Wights (19) keep moving onwards. Xaven’s readied spell is triggered just before they go onto a bridge. Two Witchbolts crackle outward. One finds Goudy (4pts) and the other tags Rivvus (6pts). He concentrates to keep it going.

Sam (12) sears the gnome again with Sacred Flame (6pts).

Gorm (10) reluctantly sheathes his maul and twirls two hand axes at Rivvus at the back. One flies wild but the other thunks into the bones (6pts). In a creaky, dusty voice Rivvus says “Mortals, prepare to die.”

Gotha (10) misses Rivvus with an Eldritch Blast.

Gavaris (8), on the temple island, moves and targets Goudy with an arrow. A hit (8pts)!

*notes in this round refer to Bruenig Doon as hanging from a bridge… can’t find where that happened.

Gotha (23) sends a Repelling Eldritch Blast at Bruenig Doon, hanging off the bridge.

Sam (21) singes Goudy Whyhelm Trifeelix again with Sacred Flame (3pts).

Niki (20) moves and dashes and sneak attacks (Advantage) the hanging Doon (10pts).

Gorm (17) (Advantage) smashes his maul at Doon, but the once human wight manages to swing away from the attack.

Goudy and Rivvus (18) gang up to try shove Gorm off the bridge but cannot overpower him.

Gavaris (15) misses Goudy with a ranged attack then moves.

Bruenig Doon (9) swings up from his dangling position to land on the bridge, taking a hit from Gorm’s maul (Opportunity Attack 13pts). He then misses Gorm.

Xaven (6) is concentrating on his twinned Witchbolt one of which drops the gnome, the other lights up Rivvus (5pts).

They hear a voice coming from up and to the west… an unexplored area… “Kill them. Kill them all.”

Lots and lots of bugbears appear from the west.

Gotha and Sam miss with their spells. Gavaris scores a hit on Rivus who remains in the fight, even with Xaven maintaining his Witchbolt on him… Until Gorm steps up and caves in his head! Niki abandons her bow for her blades and sends Doon to his doom. The undead are all taken care of… but what about those bugbears!!???

Everyone retrieves any dropped weapons and steel themselves for the advancing bugbears. Readied actions are triggered and Niki scores first blood with an arrow, while Gorm scores the first kill with two tossed handaxes. Gotha’s Spell, Crown of Madness, fails as does Xaven’s attack. Sam casts Bless on Gavaris, Gorm, Niki and herself. Gavaris’ action is not triggered.

Gavaris continues to ready his swords. Xaven and Gorm get the only hits… More handaxes from Gorm and Xaven with a Ray of Frost on the lead bugbear; his slowed movement causing the whole line of them to get backed up. The bugbears move as much as they can and some uselessly throw javelins.

Six large spiders climb in from the windows close to Gotha, Sam and Xaven! They fling webs restraining Xaven and Gotha. Gorm moves to help on the spider front and Sam casts Aid on Gotha and Xaven. Xaven breaks free of the web and moves away from the spiders but Gotha is still trapped in the sticky tendrils and the spiders approach him. Gavaris engages a bugbear, wounding him greatly but taking a nasty hit himself while Niki drops a bugbear with an arrow.

Xaven moves onto the bridge and sends a twinned Witchbolt into two of the spiders. Gotha manages to break free of the web and jumps the gap over to the bridge. Sam misses the spiders with a Poison Spray and luckily the spiders miss with their webs. Gorm wades in, and takes out a spider with a Sweeping attack and with an Action Surge severs the leg of another. But he takes a hit himself while moving to set up a flank with Sam. Gavaris Disengages and moves back with a melee attack readied… Two bugbears are on him… one taking two brutal hits from Gavaris remains standing… the other hits Gavaris. Niki takes out a bugbear and gets an opportunity attack on another as it jumps over to a bridge… several bugbears follow suit and jump over as they were stuck at the back of the line. One lands by Xaven who takes a hit.

Two spiders miss both Sam and Gorm with bites. Sam then Poison Sprays one and Gorm finishes it off with a crunch from his maul. Two other spiders are luckier and get Sam and Gorm who manage to shake off the venom. Xaven has two bugbears on him who both hit, taking the sorcerer down! Gavaris bloodies one the the bugbears on him. Niki has her blades out now and takes down another bugbear while Gotha knocks another off the bridge with a Repelling Eldritch Blast. Xaven makes his first of three Death Saves.

Sam takes out a spider with another Poison Spray and Gorm mightily wounds another which is still up but shaky on its eight legs. The spiders all miss. Niki engages one of the bugbears on Gavaris, wounding it greatly but not putting it down. Gavaris also hits it and leaves it swaying but on its feet. The bugbears miss, others jump, one taking an opportunity attack from Niki. Xaven makes his second Death Save.

Sam Poison Sprays a spider but Gorm gets a nasty bite from another… shakes off the venom though. Niki does some damage and is missed in turn. Gavaris puts down one of the bugbears on him but another steps in and its blade goes through the paladin, sending him unconscious to the floor. Xaven makes his third Death Save and is unconscious but stable. Is this the Dark Winter Company’s last stand?

Suddenly, a Drow wizard swings in through the window where the spiders came from… “Ah-ha!” Gotha’s head snaps around to catch the evil figure landing on the windowpane, far behind the spiders. Gotha points his finger, a ripple of force snapping down his arm.

“No,” he says, as a purplish Eldritch Blast streaks across the expanse, striking the Drow full in the chest, blowing him him back through the window and into the dark abyss. The Drow plummets to his death (Wilhelm scream!) The spiders are under his control so they take off… the mercenary bugbears fail their morale check and break and run!!!!

WE DID IT!!!!!!



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