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Here’s the basics of using the wiki.

Loot and Experience

Check out the Loot page. Check out the Experience page.

Character Creation

Ponder these great Character background questions from the award-winning horror RPG Dread.

Forgotten Realms

Ok, the Forgotten Realms wiki appears to kick ass.

Forgotten Realms wiki: Geography portal
Each region on the map of the Realms is hyperlinked to a full article that begins with an overview paragraph.

Forgotten Realms wiki: Wood elf
A great page about wood elves

Forgotten Realms wiki: Shield dwarf

Psionics! – Awakened Mystic

A must see for the would-be Hippogriff Rider.
How to Train a Hippogriff
Hippogriff stats
Aerial Combat


5e spell sorter

5e spell cards PDF for download

Rules misc

A rules Q&A with the game designers

Main Page

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